Obese Maui a problem?

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A Labour MP says the size of Maui in Disney’s new movie Moana is wrong and could have a negative impact on Polynesian children.
The animation film – which hits cinemas in December – follows Princess Moana Waialiki, the single daughter of a chief who hails from a long line of navigators.
The size animators have made Maui has caused concerns with Labour and Manukau East MP Jenny Salesa.
Salesa said that we “know from history if you look back 100 – 200 years from today when Maui, our ancestor, was supposed to have been around, Polynesians were not overweight or obese.”
Despite the controversy over Maui size, the film is groundbreaking in one respect: Moana is the first Polynesian royal in the Disney princess family.

19 Responses

  1. I think that Maui is OK in an animated movie just the way he is in the film.
    the actor of Maui is Dwane johnson

  2. There isn’t anything wrong with Maui!?!?! He is fine.It is just a make believe story!!! What could go wrong???

  3. you guys are right he is a right size because you see men lifting weights then they come out there huge! so nothing wrong also the actor likes it and hes cool to

  4. I think it is fine, now that the have put it out there, kids may think about it but I just saw him as muscly and had a strong build. He looks fine and there is nothing wrong with him. P.S We are kids, we don’t pay attention to details like that, only adults do and they dig too far into things sometimes, like they did with this.

  5. Anyways I watched the trailer and I saw no signs on him jiggling around. He’s just big, not obese.

  6. I really don’t understand why Jenny Salesa is making such a ruckus about one movie. Plus,it is the truth so she just has to accept the fact the Polynesians are obese and fat but I am not trying to be stereotypical. It is what it is so she just needs to accept the fact that it is the truth nowadays.

  7. I haven’t seen the movie but I have seen the trailer but wasn’t the problem muwis size the problem

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