NZ's most popular surnames

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A list of New Zealand’s most popular surnames has been produced with the name ‘Smith’ continuing  its 100-year reign as the most common surname in New Zealand.
While Smith has remained popular there has been an increase in Asian names, especially in the Auckland area.
Internal Affairs records show that Smith, Wilson and Williams were the three most popular family names in the country in 2013. Smith has been the most popular family name since 1913.
In Auckland the top four surnames this year were Wang, Li, Chen and Liu, and 14 of the top 20 were of Asian descent. Smith came in at 5th place.
The top surnames for New Zealand are shown below.

Top surnames    1913     1963    1988    2003    2013
1 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith
2 Wilson Wilson Williams Williams Wilson
3 Brown Brown Wilson Wilson Williams
4 Taylor Williams Taylor Brown Brown
5 Jones Taylor Brown Taylor Taylor
6 Williams Anderson Jones Jones Jones
7 Anderson Jones Thompson Thompson Singh
8 Thompson Thompson Walker Anderson Wang
9 Campbell Scott Anderson Lee Anderson
10 Johnson Walker King Harris Li
11 King Harris White Edwards Thompson
12 Clark King Campbell King Walker
13 Scott Martin Johnson Walker Lee
14 Thomas Johnson Martin Martin Chen
15 Walker Clark Scott Singh Patel
16 Martin Young Harris Campbell Zhang
17 Stewart Campbell Thomas Johnson Martin
18 Wright Stewart Hall Robinson King
19 Thomson Robinson Stewart Thomas Harris
20 White White Clark White Kumar

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  1. Wow! I did not know that! I thought Smith was only popular in America! Go Brown as well!

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