NZ Troops to stay in Iraq for extra 18 months

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The Government has agreed to extend the stay of Kiwi soldiers in Iraq by another 18 months.
Prime Minister John Key announced yesterday that New Zealand’s mission to train Iraqi Security Forces in the fight against Islamic State (Isis) would continue until November 2018.  The total deployment time will now be three and a half years.
The deployment was set to finish later this year and when the PM visited in October 2015 he said he was reluctant to extend the mission beyond the two-year time frame.
The number of troops deployed would not change under the extension – up to 143 at any time are in Iraq.
In addition to troop deployments, Foreign Minister Murray McCully has announced that New Zealand will make a $1.4 million contribution to help rebuild communities damaged by fighting in Iraq.
“The funding we have announced today will be provided to the United Nations Development Programme and will be used to deliver a range of projects, including the restoration of water and electricity networks, the reopening of schools and hospitals, and small cash grants for people to reopen businesses,” he said.
To date, around 7000 Iraqi Security Force personnel have been trained by the Australia-New Zealand mission at Taji, including around 975 officers who have graduated from four junior leadership courses.

12 Responses

  1. why john key do that, he promised to let soldiers come back by 2017, i feel sorry to all soldiers who are currently there

  2. Wow that is so cool, I am proud of nz for contributing to the fight against isis

  3. nice thats honorable even for our small military its said we have some of the best trained fighters in the world (apart from bigger countries like russia china us britain austrailia ect)

  4. Why would John key do such a thing to those NZ soldiers still in Iraq and keeping them for an extra 18 months? Because it’s good cause and for the country although some lives may be lost. I’m proud of NZ for contributing for the next 18 months fighting against Isis.

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