NZ Post may cut deliveries to just three a week

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New Zealand Post is considering a proposal to reduce the mail delivery service to as few as three times a week.
The proposal was announced today and would mean the service would drop from the current system of six days a week to only three.
The reason for the move is that letter numbers are dropping. During the last 10 years mail volumes have dropped considerably.
In 2002, 265 million more items were delivered than they are today and this number is expected to half again in the next five years.
The postal union is not happy with the move saying that the cuts would be unjustified.
Over 7000 people are employed by NZ Post and it is unsure how many would lose their jobs with this move.

1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

7 Responses

  1. I thonk it would be bad for post people with jobs, because a number of them would lose there job or will get less work. Also it would be hard for people that absouletely need to send a letter that has very important imformation

  2. I think it would cause trouble for people who need to send mail urgently. For people who use post as their only maling option it might cause hassle, not being able to post it when you need it to be .

  3. I think it could cause a bit of trouble for people if they want to send something urgently and it doesnt get delivered on time especially old people who dont use computers.

  4. This would not be a good idea because:
    a. people would lose jobs
    b. people wont work as many hours therefor getting paid less
    c. people cant recieve mail quickly so it will take ages for deliverie

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