Man gets tattoo on his eyeball

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A 58 year old New Yorker has undergone a rare procedure – having his eyeball tattooed!

As crazy as it seems, William Watson went through with this procedure in order to escape attention, not gain it.

William was hit in the face by a ball as a child, which left him growing up with an all-white iris. This odd looking injury made William very self-conscious and it was always drawing unwanted attention.

Desperate to have his eye looking normal again, William decided to have the hour-long surgery where ink was injected into his eye to create the effect of a normal pupil.

The procedure did not improve the condition of his damaged eye but alters the appearance so you can’t even tell his eye is any different from the other.

Amazingly, William claims that the tattoo didn’t hurt, instead it felt like someone was rubbing his eye. After a few weeks of recovery, William’s pupils look almost identical.

William says he feels so much more confident in himself thanks to the tattoo.

Article written by  D Mulhern

41 Responses

  1. Even though that did not hurt him
    I think that would hurt but I can’t believe
    Someone would get a tattoo on his eye

  2. u shouldnt have tatoos cause u need to believe this but got made ur whole body pretty and really good but if u start making thjings pretteir its not just so good

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