New Zealand's money gets new design

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The Reserve Bank of has unveiled the new designs of New Zealand Bank notes, which is a significant change in design for the currency for the first time in 15 years. While the new designs feature the original well-known faces, flowers and birds they have a more vibrant colour contrast, bolder, bigger print and more sophisticated security features.
These security features include holographic features that will not only make the notes easier to verify but much harder to counterfeit. The transparent window that is existent in the old notes, is enlarged and given greater security in the way that it more complex to copy.
While the notes will also feature a greater amount of Te Reo Maori, they will still retain the same shape, size and have the same texture. The notes will cost the Reserve Bank around $80 Million to print and an additional $40 million to amp up the security around them.However the Reserve bank has commented that the new notes were a must in order to stay ahead of improving counterfeiting technology.

New bank notes from the Reserve Bank.
New bank notes from the Reserve Bank.<br /><br />
New bank notes from the Reserve Bank.
New bank notes from the Reserve Bank.

New bank notes from the Reserve Bank.


40 Responses

  1. I reckon it’s a great Idea to make the print bigger because my grandad is half blind and cant see colours that much so it’s much better for him because half the time he asks me how much money is this note

  2. i hate this money well if you think of it it’s not that bad after all the old one was getting quite old
    what do you think…………….

  3. will they be exchanging the notes we have now for the new ones or will everyone without a bank account lose ALL their money??
    i really hope thet doesnt happen 😮

  4. They’re not going to change the coins the reason they are changing the note is because people copy the notes that’s bad.

  5. I reckon it’s pretty cool because it’s brighter and people can’t copy this one they’ve made the security much harder for people to brake in and copy the money no they’re not changing the coins because no body can brake into the coins and copy them if you want to find out more just got to another website and ask.

  6. I don’t see why anyone wants to change it. I’m perfectly happy with the old money we have now.

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