New Zealander makes world’s largest piano

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New Zealander, Adrian Mann, has made what is believed to be the world’s largest piano, the Alexander Piano. At 6m long, it makes all the uprights and mini-grand pianos surrounding it look like babies.

The 1.2 tonne piano is about the same length as a 10 tonne truck – not something easily stored in a concert hall, let alone someone’s house.

So for now, it is on display in the Alexander Pianos Dunedin workshop.

Despite its size, the thing that makes it most extraordinary is Mr Mann built it in a neighbour’s shed in Timaru while he was still a secondary school pupil.

His fascination with piano building and tuning began at the age of 12 when he began taking piano lessons.

He quickly discovered he was more interested in learning how the instrument worked than learning to perform.

The piano has been played by many high profile New Zealand pianists, including Maurice Till and Michael Houstoun, who praised its responsive dynamics and sound quality.

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