New Zealander discovers world's smallest apples

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A New Zealander has discovered the world’s smallest apple and his new creation has been snapped up by a top UK supermarket.
The apple, which is the same size as a golf ball, is being sold exclusively by Marks & Spencer.
the new apples have been given the name ‘Tiddly Pomme’ – after the classic Winnie the Pooh rhyme Tiddly Pom by AA Milne. The name was found by running competition.
The  super-sweet apple is basically a miniature version of the Royal Gala variety and it is hoped it will appeal to children.
If the tiny fruit proves a hit, M&S, which buys the fruit from Empire World Trade Fruit, will plant its own Tiddly Pommes in Britain for a year-round supply.

1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

13 Responses

  1. WOW i never thought that there was such thing as an apple the size of a golf ball. I wonder what will beat this new creation of the worlds smallest apple!!!

  2. i think it would be so cool to have these bite size apples because i cant eat a whole apple and what an awesome name !!

  3. A New Zealander has produced the world’s smallest apple. The new apple is about the size of a golf ball and they call it ‘Tiddly Pomme’ after a Winie the Pooh rhyme. A tree in an apple growers orchard produced these very small fruit through a faulty gene so he used wood from this tree to make new trees which also produced small fruit. It is a very sweet fruit and great for school lunch boxes. This new apple has been sold in a supermarket in the UK and if it is popular more growers in New Zealand will begin growing it. Once again New Zealand has been a world leader in producing this new fruit which I hope we will be able to have in our lunch boxes too. I am a bit worried that only two bites would not be enough of an apple though.

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