New Zealander to design robotic house maid

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Forget your daily jobs around the housing like vacuuming and washing dishes. A New Zealand student hopes to revolutionise the future of housework by inventing a robotic housekeeper.
Sam Corbett-Davies is currently studying for a PhD at Stanford University in California. While over there he hopes to help develop a robot capable of cleaning a house while the residents sleep.
From September, the 22-year-old will study the complex computer systems necessary for a robotic maid to be able to operate a fridge and dishwasher.
But designing a robot like this is not easy. The robot would then need to know how to operate every make and model of appliance, all of which will behave slightly differently.
Sam has been labelled one of the top New Zealand scholars of the last 10 years in the mechatronics course he is doing. While studying, he helped develop a large, interactive virtual spider to help people overcome arachnophobia.
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  1. I think that its a bit weird but you shoud say that you are his father because he could distroy all humans and then when he sees you he would stop

  2. Well it is cool but robots are taking over the world I mean we are humans we move we have legs we can walk we can do stuff our self but again it would be cool and I could use it to clean my room mabey if we only use it once a week it wont be that bad.

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