New Zealand skydiving record broken

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A New Zealand skydiver has set a new record for the highest skydive in New Zealand.
Wendy Smith achieved the New Zealand record of 25,000 feet jump, before landing at Motueka Airport.
The jump was part of the inaugural Lift Off Abel Tasman Festival.
Wendy Smith said the HALO (high altitude low opening) skydive required special equipment, including oxygen, which has been shipped here from overseas.
She had a freefall of 1 minute 50 seconds after exiting the plane. In a normal skydive you would have about a 45 second freefall.
When she exited the plane it was minus 38 degrees!

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  1. 38 degrees if you dont have the right equipment you could freeze or well burn because it would be so cold i wont jump from that height never ever

  2. hold upp -38 degreeessss that crazy what she doing like who would go that far to get their name it a book like come on people use ur brain

  3. What if a plane hit her or her parachute got caught in a planes engine or on the plane. But that wouldn’t happen

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