New Zealand send Navy to help Fiji

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New Zealand is sending the navy vessel Canterbury to Fiji to support relief and recovery efforts following Cyclone Winston.
Foreign Minister Murray McCully said HMNZS Canterbury would leave Auckland with supplies such as building materials, water storage tanks, and medical supplies. It will also carry helicopters and medical and engineering personnel.
New Zealand has also sent a group from the Army and Fire Service to support the Fijian authorities with repairs to public buildings and critical infrastructure.
This was one of the most damaging cyclones in Fiji’s history.
Mr McCully said “New Zealand will continue to do all we can to help and we will stand with Fiji in the aftermath of this disaster.”
The death toll has risen to 36 and about 13,000 people are still in emergency shelters.
Read more about Cyclone Winston here.

10 Responses

  1. My dad works in the Navy and went on HMNZS for drug smuggling. This is no joke! And I think the Navy is GREAT to send it over to Fiji to help.

  2. I think that this article was very inspiring especially for me. This article has taught me how to be kind and how kind i should be towards others the way that i would want them to be kind towards me. I think that our country is doing great service to Fiji. Great job NZ<3 #proudNewZealander

  3. Let’s get working to help all Fijian folks. I hope we do all we can to help our community and for Fiji. ???

  4. C’mon lets save FIJI! My Grandad was on a trip there, he is severely injured ;(

  5. the good thing is that the navy team is helping Fiji for the crisis that they have been through

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