WORLD CHAMPIONS – Silver Ferns win thriller

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New Zealand are the 2019 Netball World Champions.

The Silver Ferns have defeated Australia 52-51 to claim the Netball World Championships.

Australia were the hot favourites going into the competition. They had been the World Champions since 2003. The result means that New Zealand has now won the title 5 times.

The match itself, as you would expect, was exciting. The Silver Ferns led 28-25 at half time and then by 4 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Australia fought back in the final quarter and won it by three goals but New Zealand did enough to hang on.

New Zealand captain Casey Kopua said this after the game.
“It’s all worth it when you have the belief nothing can stop you. I am so glad that I came back. It feels so good, I can’t believe we’ve done it. It’s not just for us it’s for everyone in New Zealand.”

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  1. well done silver ferns! my sister was like oh my gosh hazel new zealand won! and i woke up so early! but your game ended and couldn’t see you, but you were great! f.y.i : my sister is a netball player at her school too! but she lost all the matches!

  2. Dear Silver Ferns congratulations for winning the world cup and achieving your goals. You worked really hard and deserved to win! Room 26 Rosebank Primary Avondale.

  3. I love playing netball and watching netball. I cant believe they won by 1 point! Australia would of been thrilled. At one stage I didn’t know who was going to win. YAY I cant believe it.
    Love the Silver ferns

  4. sliver ferns you are the bomb and they are the best netball players
    I know Sliver ferns you rock.

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