New Zealand announces measures against Covid-19

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New Zealand Prime Minister has announced a number of measures to counter Covid-19.

As of midnight tomorrow, every person arriving in New Zealand (apart from those coming from the Pacific islands) will have to self- isolate for 14 days.

All cruise ships are also being asked to not come to New Zealand until June 30. However, this does not apply to cargo ships.

At her press conference in the weekend, Ardern said “we have two choices as a nation. One is to let Covid-19 roll on, the other is to go hard on measures to stamp it out. It is in our power to slow it down,”

New Zealanders’ public health comes first and this constitutes an unprecedented time.

These decisions mean New Zealand will have some of the toughest border restrictions of any country in the world.

The government is also warning New Zealanders to avoid all non-essential travel overseas – this helps reduce the risk of a New Zealander bringing Covid-19 in.

Over the weekend large scale events such as the Christchurch memorial and the Pasifika Festival were also cancelled.

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  1. Omg so scary!
    At my brothers school they wash their hands 6 or more times a day

  2. I was fascinated by how the writer gave so much information and was still able to use simple sentences. In my opinion, I found this article quite informative.

  3. I think that this article helps people understand because it is more simple and less complicated then on the news.

  4. I’m amazed of how our beautiful Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is handling this problem. She’s basically keeping our people well informed about Covid-19. Jacinda and her Government are doing their best to protect New Zealand.

  5. this article gave information on what to do and what not .in my own opinion i think this gave lots of detail which is very good .

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