New TV Show for kids about ‘Dead People’

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What happens when you bring together local history, clever tamariki and some of Aotearoa’s
best comedians?

You get the children’s history sketch show that is My Favourite Dead Person.

My Favourite Dead Person is a new series for tamariki on HEIHEI. Hosted by comedian Josh Thomson, the series explores some of the most interesting, entertaining and inspiring
people from throughout New Zealand’s history, told by our tamariki and through comedy

The show features well known figures like Kate Sheppard and Tupaia, to some lesser known
heroes such as Tom Ah Chee (the man responsible for Aotearoa’s first supermarket &
takeaway drive through) and Charlotte Badger (famed pirate and the first Pakeha woman to
arrive in New Zealand). The episodes highlight some of New Zealand’s unsung heroes,
greatest achievements and surprising stories.
“It was really cool to be able to share amazing stories from history from our own backyard.”

says host Josh Thomson. “I think if I was taught about pirates & takeaway drive through
entrepreneurs at school I probably would’ve paid a lot more attention!”

The series’ hilarious sketches feature some of Aotearoa’s top comics and actors such as
Brynley Stent, Miriama McDowell, David Correos, Lana Walters and Joe Daymond. However
the biggest stars of this show are some of Aotearoa’s smallest; the tamariki who tell these

“Working with the kids was such a great experience. They are the real stars of the show.”
says Thomson. “It was a lot of fun getting to show them that history doesn’t have to be
boring or drab, but can be funny, interesting and, of course, very inspiring. I hope the kids
that give it a watch feel the same!”.

All eight episodes of My Favourite Dead Person are available to watch now on HEIHEI. Be
sure not to miss this one-of-a-kind history series!

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