New three wing plane unveiled

three winged plane
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Could the next generation of planes have three wings?

Well, an aircraft manufacturer in the US has unveiled a new concept plane which has three wings. More importantly, this plane reduces fuel consumption by 70 per cent and lowers CO2 emissions by 80 per cent.

The SE200 plane has been designed by SE Aeronautics. It is able to carry up to 264 passengers, with a non-stop range of 17,000km.

The innovative design improves lift over drag resulting in short take-off and landing (STOL) capabilities and extremely long flights.

With an emphasis on safety, the design is made of one solid-molded piece of fuselage that is stronger than existing aircraft.

25 Responses

  1. Well a 3 winged plane would be weird whats the point? Would it go faster? or just the same as a normal plane? is it was the same speed then a 2 winged one then thats just a waste of money on a 3 wing.

  2. I agree with AVA I don’t get it why do we need 6 winged planes are 2 winged not enough

  3. the good things about this plane is that it reduces co2 produced from the plane. Not the speed or the long travel distance.

  4. That’s fake, the amount of fuel needed would be so great that it would use most of the fuel to stay in the air, also, not even military fighter jets have that operational range.

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