New President for South Korea

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Moon Jae-in has claimed victory in South Korea’s presidential election.

Mr Moon favours greater dialogue with North Korea, in a change to current South Korean policy.

The early election was called after a corruption scandal led to the impeachment of the former president.

Official results have yet to be released. However, an exit poll conducted jointly by three network TV stations had put him on course to get 41.4 percent of the vote, with his nearest challenger, conservative Hong Joon-Pyo, on 23.3 percent.

Mr Moon is expected to be sworn in on Wednesday.

South Korea President forced out

9 Responses

  1. I have no idea that Moon-jae-in is a good president but let’s hope yes!!!

  2. I remember reading the news article when the previous South Korea president was in some bribery business… Now I just hope that the new South Korean president is a responsible and good one!

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