New pen spots mistakes as you write

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A pen invented by a dad for his son in Germany, which vibrates when a mistake is made, could soon be used around the world and in the classroom!

The “Learning Pen” uses a special mechanism to work out what is being written and is connected to a mobile phone app that flashes to the let user know they have made a mistake.

With this creative invention added to your pencil case you can be sure you will never hand in work with spelling mistakes again!

Article written by  D Mulhern

12 Responses

  1. That seems really interesting.
    However, I wonder how will the student learn if she/he just rely on the ‘Learning Pen’ we call it. Otherwise, technology now a days seems improving day by day.

  2. Personally I don’t really need that pen because I’m one of the top spellers in my class (not to boast about it) but it would actually be pretty cool to have one!

  3. I’m good at spelling, but it would be still awesome to have that pen!!! 🙂

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