New look Barbie announced

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The company that makes the popular Barbie doll has announced that the 2016 model will have three new body types.

The 2016 sizes will be normal, tall, curvey and petite.

Mattel, the company that makes the toy, also announced several skin tones, eye colours and hair styles will also be added to the collection.

Barbie’s figure has come under fire for years, with critics arguing it sets an unrealistic body image for girls.

Mattel believe the new changes “offering girls choices that are more reflective of the world they see today”.

With this year’s update, the Barbie Fashionistas line will feature:
33 new dolls
30 hair colours
24 hairstyles
22 eye colours
14 face shapes
7 skin tones
4 body shapes – original, plus tall, curvy and petite

13 Responses

  1. The Barbies sizes were always the same and they got boring so its good for a change

  2. I think it’s good that they are changing the barbies. It will help girls feel better about themselves.

  3. Thankgod they’re finally changing the barbies! It was stupid to have stick thin blonde barbies everywhere! The new ones look more realistic, I know I’d prefer one of those barbies than Mrs. Perfect!

  4. i don’t like barbie shes like i’m an astronaut and i didn’t have to work for it.

  5. i reckon this is good little girls nowadays have insecuritys about their weight and having a skinny perfect curvy barbie doll isnt going to help

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