New housing estate bans cats

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New Zealanders hoping to move into a new housing estate north of the city of Wellington will have to agree to an unusual condition of purchase – no pet cats.
Many cat owners have faced the grisly experience of their feline companion coming home with a gift of a dead bird or animal, and it’s for this reason that a new housing development in Kapiti is to completely ban pet cats.
The estate is near to a nature reserve, and it’s feared that the location will prove too much temptation for pet cats to hone the hunting skills.
The homes in question are selling for up to NZ$600,000, and estate agent Stuart Whyte says he’s “lost a few sales” because of the no cats covenant.

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  1. Awww.. I love house pets… For example house cats… They can make a very strong bond with you…… And can be your companion… I think that’s just sad!

  2. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? B-but cats are amazing plus can’t they just train them not to do that? Or lock the door when they’re going out? What about dogs? Dogs kill stuff two! Like hedgehogs and other victims.

  3. Honestly, dogs are more dangerous. Plus, cats could be inside cats, or there could be an electric fence around the house!

  4. That’s so sad if you are moving there from a different house you already have a cat and it was a life companion. You would have to get rid of the cat of just not move even if you really wanted to.?

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