New emojis set for release

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What do a goose, shaking head and pink heart emoji all have in common?

Well, thee emojis are all part of a new set of emojis due to be released later this year!

Unicode Consortium is the company responsible for choosing the colourful images used by people all over the world. They have approved a set of 31 new emojis for 2022.

Despite the coloured hearts being popular emojis, a single plain pink heart has never been released! It seems 2022 will be the year phone users finally one which a lot of people are happy about, alongside light blue and grey hearts.

Other newbies include a donkey, an angel wing, a jellyfish, an afro comb and a Khanda, which is the symbol of the Sikh faith.

The emojis will go through a final round of approval in September before they are released.

Once approved, companies including Apple, Google and Samsung will have to make their own designs for the emojis.

Which new emojis are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Waiting for the time to pass you by,
    Hope the winds of change will change your mind,
    I could give a thousand reasons why.

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