Nepal floods destroy villages

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The death toll from three days of flooding and torrential rain in Nepal and India has risen to more than 180.

The worst-hit areas were in western Nepal and northern India.

Unrelenting rain produced flood waters that submerged hundreds of villages and swept away homes made of mud and straw.

Due to the remote location the exact cost of the flooding is unknown.

Thousands of people are without shelter in 10 flooded districts. Local authorities have had to use helicopters to get food and aid to remote areas cut off from the flooding.  and local officials on Monday distributed rice and lentils and cooking pots to people who lost their homes.

The area affected is generally farmland where the poor live in mud and straw huts that wash away easily.

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  1. Sad for the people living in Nepel and Northern India I hope that they get back up on their feet and may God give them strength and Hope.

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