Needles found in Strawberries

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Needles have been found in three punnets of strawberries sold in an Auckland supermarket.
The affected strawberries originated in Australia, and were bought at Countdown.
The case follows a number of reports in Australia where needles have been found in fruit.
The Ministry for Primary Industries said they were informed and all Choice-brand strawberries were then pulled from the shelves nationwide.
Countdown is advising customers to cut up strawberries before consuming them, or to return them for a refund.
Countdown would continue to stock New Zealand strawberries.

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  1. I love love love strawberries but now I’m too scared to eat them! Even if they are New Zealand’s strawberries.???

  2. i love strawberries but thats destubing and i think that its very weird that people found neddles i the strawberries

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