Native species threatened by water pipeline

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An investigation has found a pipeline taking water for export on the West Coast will cut through the habitat of three native species – a rare penguin, the Hector’s dolphin and New Zealand’s most endangered kiwi.
The tawaki is known as the rainforest penguin, because it likes to live in the bush.  It is thought to be the second rarest penguin in the world.  Its population has dropped to 4000.
Now a colony at Jackson Bay is threatened by a pipeline that wants to take fresh water for export.
A company, Alpine Pure, has consent for the pipeline to take water from Mt Aspiring down to a water storage area next to the penguin colony – and is seeking consent to take it five kilometres out to sea to a floating platform.
The final stretch out into the Bay will cut right through the natural habitat of the penguin.
And if the pipeline gets into Jackson Bay – there will be a “monobuoy” to hold the water.
Tankers will be alongside it and take the water offshore, in an area that’s home to the rare Hector’s Dolphin.
The pipeline is already cutting through a sanctuary for New Zealand’s rarest kiwi – the Haast tokoeka.
Prime Minister Bill English thinks the extention plan is unlikely.

17 Responses

  1. How sad that is heart breaking news . I love animals to bits I would never want somthing so bad to happen to such helpless animals

  2. That is so so bad and bad new’s when people think that is GREAT and FUNNY.

  3. I feel sorry that they have to do this to our Native species by threatening put a water pipeline

  4. that is so sad i wish that they would do something else i love animals espesially dolphins and kiwis 🙁

  5. i think that it is so creul to put a pipeline in the middle of these animals habitat i mean would they like it if they were the animals no i dont think they would 🙁

  6. I feel sorry that they have to do this to our Native species by threatening to put a water pipeline. But if they do build the pipeline i’ll get really mad with who has done this to us. We are the kiwis not the country without a native specie like all the other countries.

  7. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad☹☹☹ if i were an animal i would be heartbroken to hear that!☹☹☹

  8. This is absolutely HEARTBREAKING! How dare they do that to the animals. I LOVE dolphins, I LOVE penguins and I LOVE kiwis.

  9. This is so sad to hear, I believe they should move the pipeline somewhere else. Who is so horrible to do this? And why would you do this? Imagine the animals were you, How would you like that?

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