NASA looking for Mars astronauts

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NASA are looking to find four people who think they can live on Mars.

However, these people won’t get to go to the red planet, instead they will be part of a real life experiment.

NASA want people who can pretend they are living on Mars for a whole year.

The experiment is one of three. The first will begin in autumn 2022, and is called Mars Dune Alpha.

Paid volunteers will have to eat, sleep, and work as if they really are on Mars. NASA will then collect information about what real astronaut could expect on a real Mars mission.

Currently, a 1,700 square-foot Martian world is being built by a 3D printer at Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas. It has no windows, so the successful volunteers will be cut off from outside world as much as possible.

The astronauts will complete jobs that will show NASA what it is like for astronauts to work in those conditions. These will include taking ‘space walks’, eating on ready-to-eat space food and having limited contact with friends and family ‘on earth’. V

Who can volunteer?

Unfortunately, only adult Americans can apply to take part.

NASA are looking for Americans aged between 30-55, are in good health and don’t suffer from motion sickness. They also must have education in science, engineering, or maths at a very high level, or have pilot experience.

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  1. if i were older i would not mind living on mars because if i had a son there he would be a marshan

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