NASA builds supersonic plane out of old parts

NASA is building a supersonic plane out of old parts.

The news X-59 Quiet Supersonic Transport (QueSST) will feature a number of recycled parts from retired U.S. Air Force planes.

The QueSST is being designed as a project to develop commercial airliners capable of flying supersonic speeds without causing headaches for people living on the ground.

The plane is currently under construction at the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works factory in Palmdale, California.

In order to keep costs down, NASA is re-using parts from older retired jets including;
– landing gear from an Air Force F-16 fighter
– a cockpit canopy from a NASA T-38 trainer
– a propulsion system from a U-2 spy plane
– a control stick from an F-117 stealth fighter.

Using parts from existing aircraft reduces cost, risk, and construction time. Check out the video below.

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?

2. What was the key event from the news article?

3. Where did this event take place?

4. When did this event take place?

1. Find a quote from the main person in this news article?

2. In your own words describe what happened in this news article.

3. Find out where this event took place and include some information about this place.

4. Tell us when this event happened and explain what might happen in the future.

5. Explain in your own words why this event took place.

Current Events Web
Find the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why in the article to complete this worksheet.

I Think Because
Share what you think about the article and explain why.

My Questions
Write a question map about questions that you have after reading the article.

News Review
Give the news article you have read a review

Write what you KNOW about the topic in the article, what you would LIKE to find out and then what you have LEARNT.

Newspaper Bingo
Play newspaper bingo. Find a number of different articles to complete the grid.

Questions and Answers
Write a set of questions and then their answers after reading the article.

The Big Idea
Find the big idea by highlighting the 5 W’s and 1 H. then select 25 of key words associated with the article.

Word Investigation
Vocabulary exercise where students find key words within the article.

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