NASA asteroid probe ‘leaking’ rocks

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Last week a NASA probe collected a sample of rocks from an asteroid.

However, the probe collected so much material that a rock has been wedged in the probe door, meaning that some rocks that were collected are spilling back into space!

The probe, OSIRIS-REx, collected a sample from a skyscraper-sized asteroid some 320 million km from Earth. The aim is for the probe to return the material to Earth for research.

The leakage had the OSIRIS-REx mission team scrambling to stow the collection device to prevent additional spillage.

NASA will not know how much material it collected until the sample capsule returns in 2023.

Asteroids are among the leftover debris from the solar system’s formation some 4.5 billion years ago. A sample could hold clues to the origins of life on Earth, scientists say.

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  1. Hope it’s not gonna be like one of those birthday parties where they open the present and it’s a pair of socks for NASA in two years!

    (made 2020)

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