NASA and Space X searching for gold in space

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NASA is working with Space X to search for gold in space.

The aim of the combined mission is to explore a giant metallic asteroid called 16 Psyche.

It’s often called the ‘golden asteroid’ because it contains metals worth lots of money. The asteroid has gold large quantities of platinum, iron and nickel. This makes it very valuable.

The asteroid, measures about 140 miles across, is found in an asteroid belt in our Solar System between Mars and Jupiter.

It’s thought that if all the metal on the asteroid were valued, it would be worth a gigantic $15.8 quadrillion (that’s 15.8 followed by 17 zeros!).

At this stage, the mission is a research trip as there are currently no plans for mining or to remove the metal.

NASA scientists believe 16 Psyche is a survivor of collisions between planets, which were common when the Solar System was forming.

If everything goes to plan, Musk’s rocket-building company SpaceX and Nasa will launch a spacecraft from Cape Canaveral in Florida in 2022, with the spacecraft arriving at the asteroid in 2026. No humans will be onboard.

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