Narwhal tusks used for Duelling

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Have you ever wondered why Narwhal whales have tusks.

Well, some scientists from Arizona, in the USA, might have the answer.

According to new research, when it comes to narwhal tusks, size is important! That’s because they use them for duelling!

Narwhals are a type of whale. They, like walruses and elephants, grow tusks which are actually modified teeth.

The tusks grow out of the narwhal’s head in a spiral pattern. they can actually grow to just over 2m long. It gives the creatures a unicorn-like appearance.

Generally, long tusks are seen in males. However, there are a few females who have tusks.

According to the research team at Arizona State University, the size of a narwhal’s tusk is more important. That’s because the information the tusk communicates is simple: “I’m bigger than you.”

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