Mysterious forces at work?

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If you have ever wanted to experience what it would be like to live in a gravity free world, you should definitely take a trip to California’s Mystery Spot!

For years, thousands of tourists have travelled to an old, seemingly ordinary barn, in the Redwood Forests of California.

Here thousands have experienced water and balls rolling uphill, leaning at impossible angles without falling over and short people appearing to be the same height as those taller than them!

There are many theories behind the mystery of this place. Some believe it is an electromagnetic hotspot, other say that some unknown geological forces at work, while others believe in the UFO theory which has been listed on the official Mystery Spot website.

The website states that the land underneath the barn is under a powerful guidance system that bends the law of gravity.

Scientists believe that it is all an illusion, created by floors that are not level, corners that are not squared and walls that are not vertical.

No matter which theory you believe, the barn is sure to remain a spot of mystery and a crazy experience!


Article written by  D Mulhern

26 Responses

  1. That is just creepy but i would love to go there. I might even see a ghost!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, that’s so cool!
    I wanna go there for my b day!
    That’s so weird! I totes love aliens!
    I really wanna see ghosts, aliens and
    mysterious forces! 🙂 !

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