Museum of disgusting food opens

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A new disgusting food museum has opened in Malmo, Sweden.

The museum’s founder, Dr. Samuel West, is a psychologist by day and a museum curator by night.

His first museum was called the Museum of Failure, and proved to be a big hit.

His latest museum is situated in a 400-square-meter old factory. Visitors can smell, touch and taste different foods that have been considered “disgusting” around the world, from foie gras to fermented shark.

American favourites such as root beer and Jell-O salad sit in the museum alongside fried tarantula and cooked guinea pigs. “If you give root beer to a Swede they will spit it out and say it tastes like toothpaste, but I think it’s delicious,” he notes.

After three months, he plans to take the show on the road and bring the museum to other cities.

1. What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

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  1. I have guinea pigs and while they might be tasty for some people but I will never eat a guinea pig!

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