Mum wears dinosaur outfit to school

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Imagine your mum picking up you from school wearing a dinosaur costume.

Well, Leslie Eggenberger is just like any other mum at Red Bug Elementary School, except for her choice of attire — an inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costume — when picking up her sons Max, 7, and Jacob, 8, from school.

She says they love it!

She said she purchased the inflatable costume off Amazon for $60 about three weeks ago as a way to teach her kids to have fun without worrying what other people think.

“The message I want to convey to my boys is to be brave and bold enough to do what they enjoy and what makes them happy,” she explained. “The goal is to put myself out there, show my kids how much fun it can be to make others smile, and simply be brave enough to have fun despite how silly you may look.”

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  1. This mother is very throughtful and she did this for her kids. wow I hope her kids are greatful to have a mother like that happy mothers day on the 14.

  2. I personally think that this is a great idea if people think that its weird just think who cares I am going to live life my way and ignore what others think

  3. That is funny but weird. I would never imagine a Mum dressing up as a T-rex and going to a school.

  4. I wish my mum was like that
    That is so amazing. How did she do it???

  5. That’s so weird why would a mum ever do that why? Its cool but also weird i would love a mum that did that!

  6. interesting why would a mum ever do that in her life but i still wish my mum was like that!Still that’s funny,cool and weird!

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