Moa bones being sold in New Zealand

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The Government is being prompted by museum supervisors to step in to stop the sale of moa bones on websites such as trade me. However the Trade Me Trust and Safety Manager John Duffy has commented that it was legal to sell moa bones in New Zealand unless they have been taken from Department of Conversation land. This loophole in the law makes selling the bones not illegal, as they are not covered by the Protected Objects Act or the Wildlife Act. Some buyers on Trade Me are selling thousands of bones from which the bones are being split up by traders who on-sell them.
Duffy has said that there has only been one or two sales of moa bones on trade me, but he reassured the public that if traders cannot give a satisfactory answer as to the origin of the moa bones, Trade Me will ask questions of the seller to distinguish where they are from.

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  1. How much are you selling them for and why are you selling them. it will be a bit smelly in your house. How did you find them because it would be impossible to find them after all the years.

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