Mining ban off Taranaki Coast continues

Mining off the Taranaki Coast is still banned.

Last week a mining company called Trans Tasman Resources went to court to try and change the new rule set in place by the government.

The company wanted to mine millions of tonnes of ironsands off the coast of Taranaki.

However, the Court of Appeal has dismissed the attempt by Trans-Tasman Resources to overturn a 2018 High Court decision.

The Court also found Treaty of Waitangi principles were not adhered to.

The judge said that the “kaitiakitanga relationship between tangata whenua and the marine environment and its resources is a relevant existing interest”.

Ngāti Ruanui kaiarataki Debbie Ngarewa-Packer said it was an historic decision.

Forest and Bird chief executive Kevin Hauge said the decision was important as New Zealand considered how to rebuild its economy after the shock of the Covid-19 virus.

Hauge said if the company was successful in getting consents it would set a dangerous precedent.

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1 month ago

I agree that this mining should be under stick guidelines so we don’t destroy our beaches for future generations.

1 month ago

cool an amzing



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