A milky match

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They say opposites attract, which is good because this couple have very different opinions on a certain drink!

46 year old, Sandra Heap, loves milk so much that she drinks 10 pints a day -that’s over 20 cups of milk!

Sandra spends £25 on milk each week to keep her fridge stocked and her addiction to milk has resulted in her now hating the taste of water.

But as in love as Sandra is with milk, her husband, Graham, couldn’t hate the stuff more.

Graham will only have milk in coffee and refuses to even kiss Sandra if she has been drinking it!

Even for £100, Graham wouldn’t even drink 1 glass.

Sandra is so addicted that when she worked at a primary school, she used to urge the children to choose fruit juice instead of milk – just so there was more for her!

However, Sanda’s milky diet is causing her to gain a lot of weight, and she is now trying to cut back…but can she do it?

Article written by  D Mulhern

26 Responses

  1. Kev she can do it! SILLY KEV

    she can do it she can do it she can do it she can do it she can do it!!!!!!!!!!

    GO SANDRA!!!

  2. dont stop completely coz if its what you love keep going but try to not drink so much mabey start at 1 glass each day then only a glass every second night then one each week and keep it at that 🙂 it will make it easier for you

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