Mega Mistake

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Computer company, Lenovo, made some big advertising mistakes when they accidently advertised some of their computers at a much lower price than they are worth.

The prices advertised on the company’s website included the Y410p laptop (worth $1,389) offered at just $279, and the Y510p laptop (worth $1,399) at just $509.

Customers who believed they were getting a huge bargain tried to purchase the computers, and even provided their credit card details, but soon received a message from the company informing them that the price was wrong.

Annoyed customers are now demanding that Lenovo sell the computers at the advertised price but the company does not want to lose such a large amount of money on the deals.

There is a law in many countries against companies using a “bait-and-switch”, where the seller advertises great prices to get people into their store but then announce that the deal does not exist.

Companies hope that the customers will stay anyway and purchase something else. This, however, is illegal and if you advertise a product at a certain price, you are required to provide it at that price with very few exceptions to this rule.

Lenovo insists that their website states that they “reserve the right to cancel any orders for products placed at an incorrect price due to an error in pricing.”

But this is not enough for some customers who say that the money was even charged to their card before they were told they could not purchase the computer at that price.

Another customer said that the advertised price on the website remained the same even after they received a notice about it being incorrect.

For now Lenovo is attempting to apologise to angry customers by promising $100 off their next purchase until August 3rd.

Article written by  D Mulhern

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