McCaw Backs Flag Change

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The referendum to decide on the New Zealand flag will begin next week on the 3 March. People will be asked to choose between the most preferred flag design selected in the first referendum (see photo) and the current flag. The flag that receives the most votes  will be the official flag of New Zealand.
Richie McCaw has called for a change in New Zealand’s flag. The All Black great took to social media to express his opinion.
McCaw posted a photo of the current New Zealand flag and the Australian flag hanging side-by-side at the final clash in the 2015 Rugby World Cup in Twickenham, England.
“This is the moment when I decided a new flag would be great for our country. Running out at Twickenham and seeing the two flags looking so similar. The silver fern has always been the special symbol on the All Black jersey that represents who we are as kiwis, so the new flag with a silver fern as a part of it would be a great option I believe.”
Do you agree with Richie??

66 Responses

  1. I don’t know about you guys I would choose to change the flag if the other flag (the new one) if it was any of the other flags in the semi final. I just don’t like the one they chose!

  2. i am to young to really vote so i will do it here i really love the new flag i wanted that one from the beginning cause its not similar from the Australia and it shows the uniqueness of new Zealand. that’s my vote who agrees with me here.

  3. Absolutely agree. The new flag is immediately recognisable as representing NZ and looks modern and very cool. Why continue to be confused for Aussies when we have our own proud identity!

  4. Do you really want to waste lot of money on a flag?
    It should go to people that need money or hospital stuff?

  5. I do not agree because of all the money going to waste for a stupid flag. this flags not going to help lives is it all the money can go towards medical care and schooling. SUM: Just a waste of money.

  6. Wow 26 million dollars?! But still the new flag looks cool and The ausies flag looks almost identical to our flag

  7. it doesn’t matter they’ve already spent 26 million dollars on this, and if they keep the flag its just a waste of money

  8. I vote for the old flag to stay because if other people don’t now about the flag change they won’t know it is new Zeland.

  9. I don’t think we should change the flag i Think we should change John Key because he’s wasting the money we need to feed our children and money to help us .

  10. I think NZ flag should stay the same because it will just be a waste of money if NZ changes its flag. NZ has had its flag since 1902 and all the history is behind it. I agree with Henry, Superman the awesome, Oom9, blabbermouth, Tessa123, sarah, hugh, hunterthehelmet, lol, Quintin, Deighton, Minecraft tiger cars on Cake and ice cream, cleo, Hopery, Matthew Onosai and Sierra. If the name you used in the comment is up there You’re Awesome

  11. I think we should keep the original flag because its just a waste of time if the Australians are changing there flag aswell

  12. I reckon it’s a waste of time
    and money if we don’t change the flag because
    they have already spent 30 million dollars
    to just decide which flag were going to

  13. I disagree with changing flag I think John Key is just wasting monkey why don’t you take these flag money to the poverty kids? Anyways I still think the old flag looks better and the old flag presents our New Zealand histories. And why not the Australia people change their flag?

  14. How come all the kids say it is a bad thing the only reason these kids are saying not to is because most teachers back the old flag for its history and i respect that but why do we need a union jack on the flag if we want to stand out as a country why not stand out not look like the servants of the british. to me this is a good idea and i am ready for any arguing coming my way.

  15. I don’t think they should because it’s a waste of money and they could use that money for kids and family’s that are homeless and have no food I mean the flag is important but I think the people in the world should always come first in life

  16. Who would not agree with Richie . I think we should have changed it 15 years ago.

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