Massive sinkhole opens up in Rotorua

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A massive sinkhole has opened up on a Rotorua farm following heavy rains over the weekend.
Located on a farm just outside Rotorua. The sinkhole appears to be 200 metres long, 20 metres deep and 20-30 metres wide!
Sinkholes are caused by water dissolving limestone or other material below the surface of the earth.
It’s not the only sinkhole in the area – there are nine others nearby, most of which having formed over the past two years.
It is however the biggest locals have ever seen on the farm. Scientists from GNS will study the chasm.

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  1. Wow,that is truly amazing. It is also very dangerous for people who could be right above the sinkhole

  2. Now I know this will cost a lot of money but why don’t they just fill them back up with heavy machines?

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