Maori emojis coming to your phone

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A new set of Maori emojis have been developed for New Zealand users.
The set of icons will include 150 characters in a green and black design.
The new icons include waka ama (outrigger canoe), piupiu (flax skirts), kapa haka moves and faces, kete (woven basket/bag), taiaha (weapon), whānau (family) and even delicacies such as koura (crayfish), paua (abalone), eels and hāngi.
The ’emotiki’ will be officially launched in July, but have already been cropping up online after first being unveiled two weeks ago.
Emojis are still and moving image characters, used in text and social media platforms to express emotion.
The emoji keyboard will be available for iPhone and Android users.

49 Responses

  1. Getting more emojis sound fun. I think it’s a good idea to add more for different cultures and know what they mean.

  2. kiaora how do you come up with all of these story”s they are very interesting and i hope you carry on making story”s cause i am gonna show my kids this web site when they get older and can you add me on gmail my gmail is [email protected] and you can tell me some stuff about how you make such good story”s cause my kids at my school are loving your wonderful story”s they cant stop asking me miss miss can we go online and do our reading cause its fun and i cant say no cause if they are online at least i know that they are still learning ok thanks for your time and if you do add me on gmail there should be a little girl as the gmail photo and thats my daughter and she is one of the kids who just love your storys ok add me please ok bye send me a inbox so i can inbox you on gmail ok i just dnt know what to say ok thank you alot bye shem banbury

  3. This is really cool! 🙂 I love using Emojis! 😀 If I was talking about how much I love New Zealand I could use the Tiki face with heart eyes!

  4. Yaaay I ❤❤❤❤❤ emotes ☺?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Yay! Maori emotiki will really express our culture and show people that we are proud to be New Zealanders!!!! 🙂

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