Too many fast food outlets near schools

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There are calls to limit access to fast food outlets and dairies around schools to help combat the obesity epidemic.
A new study reveals 60 percent of urban schools have a convenience store and a fast food or takeaway outlet within 800 metres.
The University of Auckland did a study to measure how close, and how many fast food, takeaway and convenience outlets were around New Zealand schools in 2014.
One school in Auckland’s CBD was found to have 85 unhealthy food outlets within one kilometre.
It’s not just Auckland, but schools in all urban areas.
The problem is not so bad in rural schools, as the study showed the median distance to the closest unhealthy food outlet was around 10 kilometres.
Lead reasearcher, Dr Stefanie Vandevijvere, says there should be ways to reduce children’s exposure to unhealthy foods before and after school.
She would like to changes to the Resource Management Act (1991) and the Local Government Act, so councils could restrict new food outlets in school neighbourhoods.
Do you have many fast food or takeaway outlets close to your school?

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42 Responses

  1. I hunk that if there is fast food stores around your school should ask them to not serve any meals or food to people with out their caregiver there
    Before and after school.

  2. I have about 2 takeaways shops and 2 diaries about 2 kms away from my school

  3. Our school has three fast-food joints near our school and one of them is across the road, with a bakery and diary.
    It amazing why there are so many near schools.

  4. Yea and KFC cooks a chicken right then they cook. Another chicken in that fat

  5. Yea and did u know the KFC cooks chicken right then they cook more chicken in the other chickens fat ????

  6. I’m at royal oak primary school we have about 11 fst food stores some in royal oak mall and some just down the road

  7. My last year school had a countdown, 2 dairys, a bakery, a food restaurant, and a Indian resturant

  8. LOL! Our school is in the middle of town so we have a Burger King, Countdown, PaknSave, A shopping mall with a food court, a dairy and a whole bunch of restaurants.

  9. At our school we have a canteen and 2 dairys that people go when they walk home and a mall that has a fresh choice in it as well as other places that serve food in it.

  10. HNI doesn’t have any fast food shops or dairies near our school

  11. In Term 1 the ice cream truck stopped at our school almost every day. Too bad I don’t have any money in my wallet and I have to catch the bus. The song was so tempting! In my opinion I don’t like fast food placed there for the sake of attracting kids like that ice cream truck on the hot summer days, but I’m fine with KFC or McDonalds 2 or 3 kilometres away from the school.

  12. I have a dairy down the main road by near my school. Also some restaurants that leave raw meat in front of the toilets. But then there is a fruit world. But most of it is a dairy and noodle takeaways. P.S some patties in the burgers has a micro amount of human meat inside it

  13. Hi my names Rena stirling i go to Ruakaka A.E in Whangarei we have shop near our school about a 5 min walk down the road we have a food maket and a takeaway and a cafe and also a dairy.

  14. LOL!@#$%^&*() My school has 2 dairys right next to it with a new world, fish’n’chips, Hells pizza and others

  15. Who doesn’t like KfC I love the chicken drumsticks and we have one right next door to our school

  16. Yeah, at my Intermediate we have a dairy just 10 minutes away from us, down the road there is Mac Donalds, another Dairy, a Pizza Place, Sushi, Subway and a Supermarket- mind you, it is a Shopping Outlet so…
    But at my old primary, 30 seconds (right next door to our school) was a Domino’s and crossing the road was a dairy which was a 1-2 minute(s) walk.

  17. We come from b.i.s we have a 3 dairyman, Pizza Hut, dominos, MacDonalds, 2 bakery, sushi place, Chinese shop,
    Cafe, a kebab shop, fish and chip place so yeah

  18. I agree. There is far to many and it is causing kids to become obese. And if they go at their lunch times the food ingredients could distract them from working.

  19. It’s good to have dairies near our school because some times I get really hungry after school and I need a little snack to actually bike home ?

  20. I have BK, Mcdonalds, fish n chips, resturnats, kfc, carls jr, plus a huge mall with other places like a donut store and lolly stores!!!!

  21. I like to go to the dairy after school sometimes but I think that kids should not go to the dairy all the time

  22. Our school has a shopping center across the road . Though it is good for getting shared lunch things most kids go over for V or chip and all that unhealthy stuff.

  23. P.s I hate KFC . Mackers , Bk and all those other fast food shop ( except pizza places of course )

  24. I have a dairy right next to our school, but I haven’t been there one because my parents say you cant go its to unhealthy.

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