Man pays $400 a month to sleep in a box

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You think New Zealand has a housing crisis – check out what’s happening in San Francisco.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,670 (NZ$5,347.56) a month.

So people are looking at creative ways to live.

From tents to trucks, and now a literal box.

This makeshift bedroom, which its owner prefers to call a pod, is no larger than a wide bookshelf and inconspicuously stationed at one corner of an apartment living room in the Sunset District neighborhood.

Its exterior resembles a large crate, while its inside houses a twin bed, a fold-up desk and some LEDs.

At 2.5m long and 1m tall, the wooden box requires Peter Berkowitz to duck to get inside, but he said that his new home is “honestly very comfortable.”

Berkowitz moved into the box two weeks ago, after an attempt to find affordable housing in the city proved futile. Fortunately, he had “very generous” friends who allowed him set up “this contraption” in their living room.

He pays $400 ($582.84 NZD) per month for rent and has full access to the amenities. Constructing the pod cost $1,300 (1,894.23 NZD).

Berkowitz said the most difficult part so far has been perfecting a method for putting his pants on without standing up.

(Courtesy of Peter Berkowitz)

25 Responses

  1. This man is really… just… I have no words. This should be on ridiculousness

  2. that would annoy me having to pay that much just to sleep in a box!!!i’m sorry for you buddy. :(…..

  3. I understand houses can be expensive but paying for a box to live is a bit extreme to me anyway!

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