Man keeps pet lion in his house

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A man from India has hit the news after it has been found he has a lion in his house.

This man has been living with it for 6 months and treats it like it is his son.

He never puts a chain around the neck of the lion because the lion is friendly to humans.

It weighs around 73kg and eats 7kg of raw meat a day.

Mr Chaudhary claims he has permission to keep the lion in the family home. He says that it cost around $8000NZD to buy the lion.

65 Responses

  1. what wow so cool i wode ceep it to if it costs $8000NZD to buy the lion ??

  2. You can’t keep a lion in your house, the lion will eat that man one day. You should never ever trust a lion , its still a creature.

  3. people should not judge him because he has a lion just because lion a known for being viscous he is a nice lion

  4. despite the Lions cuteness it’s sad because it’s in captivity and that’s not right ???

  5. that is cute but it is bad for the lion not to be with its pack and out in the wild

  6. This is cool but not at the same time. That is a creature known to kill an it probably doesn’t even get the exercise it needs. I know that it would be cool and i would like it but then again it is a living thing. You can’t do that to a creature or living thing that is meant to be in the wild. I don’t think it is awesome but that is cool and once again I don’t really know.

  7. People are saying that the lion will eat the man, but he won’t! I will be a veterinarian(Vet) when I’m bigger and I know for a fact that as long as the lion is feed, healthy, and feels safe, it will be kind to humans!

  8. You can’t keep a lion in your house, the lion will eat that man one day. You should never ever trust a lion , its still a creature. But wow

  9. you know maybe if the lion has a full relationship with you it might act like a dog and protect you. Lions are beautiful creatures. never doubt them.

  10. This man is sooooo brave. Even though it is friendly to humans, he might get eaten…

  11. Lions don’t actually attack humans on purpose. They are normally threatened, scared, or being neglected.

  12. Hi! And wow a lion in the house. I love animals and I have gone to Africa and a LION came in our jeep…. It was amazing!! Pretty cool Artical

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