Man hit with poo dropped from aero plane

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A man in Windsor UK has been hit by a huge poo dropped from an airplane.

The rather unfortunate experience occurred in July of this year but has just hit the news.

The victim wants to remain nameless but went to their local City Councilor to complain about the event.

Councilor Karen Davies – who looked into the incident – said the whole garden was covered in poo after it was apparently dropped from an aircraft. The victim had just been working in his garden at the time of the unfortunate event.

The Council also believe the warm weather meant the poo may have ‘come out as a more “fluidy” than usual.’

Plane toilets normally store sewage in special tanks and contents are usually disposed of after landing. However, sometimes planes discharge the poo, often over the sea, before landing.

Experts believe this is a one in billion chance of this happening.

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  1. Thats sad, ya’ll. When I used to look at aeroplanes in the sky I’d try and wave at the people – now when I see an aeroplane imma run away as fast as my little stubby legs can take me

  2. well they are true some poo/pee are dropped out of aircraft over the ocean but for it to be dropped over a residential area its so rare. The sewage that is sorted in the tanks are never dropped.

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