Man goes 555 days without a heart

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A US man has lived for 555 days without a heart.

Stan Larkin, 25, has lived since 2014, wearing a backpack which holds a device powering an artificial heart in his chest.

Artificial hearts have been used in patients for long periods before, but Mr Larkin is one of the few in the world to go home and live a relatively normal life with one.

The SynCardia temporary artificial heart replaced Mr Larkin’s heart. Larkin had to live with two tubes coming out from his side below the rib cage and connect to the 5.8kg device in the backpack, called the Freedom Driver.

Fortunately Stan has just received a new heart and is back to living his normal life.

31 Responses

  1. That would be a lot of weight on your back. He is lucky to still be alive.

  2. That is a great way to stay alive.
    I bet it would of been scary thinking your heart might come out.

  3. Amazing! 😀 A very brave man for living a normal life with such a heavy heart, literally.

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