Man breaks into New York prison

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New York City man has done things slightly different than most inmates and broken back into a prison.

Matthew Matagrano, had been in prison for a large part of his life and was recently released. However, he seems to like prison life so much that he pretended to be a police officer to get back behind bars.

Officials say that for at least a week, Matagrano used phony ID cards to get into a number of New York city prisons. In some instances he went in and talked with inmates for hours before exiting the main gates.

New York City authorities are still trying to work out why he wanted to get back behind bars.

1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

34 Responses

  1. that is sooo funny sounds like it would be something from shawshank redemption or the green mile


  2. this is like toads werid also funny i think he liked the prison life becuase maybe his friends where in there

  3. this is toads werid and funny i think he wanted to go back in there becuase maybe his friends were in prison 😀

  4. kiwi kids news is Awesome how interesting about that some squid eat -poo dead fish and snot.

  5. Maybe since he’s been in prison most of his life he doesn’t want to go out into the real world because he might not think prison is too bad he is used to it.

  6. Well my poppa said that he might because you get free meals. Did you maybe think he might be poor or something?

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