Man balances 101 toilet rolls on his head

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A US man has broken the Guinness World Record for balancing toilet paper rolls on his head.

David Rush managed to balance 101 rolls, on a a single roll placed on his forehead.

Rush, who has broken more then 200 Guinness records to promote STEM education, said the toilet paper rolls were more difficult than his previous balancing records.

He explained that because the rolls aren’t rigid, making it more difficult to get an even balance.

Rush took a while to get the record, recoding it on a YouTube video. There were multiple failed attempts before he determined that the best shape for the stack was a pyramid on top of an inverted pyramid.

29 Responses

  1. Excuse me it says on the title 1001 toilet rolls but it is actually 101 check you facts mate

  2. The title & text says he balanced 1001 and 1010 rolls while the video says he balanced 101 rolls.

  3. You misspelled all of the numbers, in the video it says 101, but in the article it says 1001 and then 1010

  4. The header is saying 1001 toilet rolls, but in the video they are saying 101 rolls, and in the article you said 1010….

  5. Why toilet paper?? There’s probably better things to put on your head that’s harder and less….I don’t know how to put it. But still cool.

  6. all u saying it said 1001 it didn’t someone just said that and you’re beliving it, and he want to do a world record that’s why he picked toilet paper for something easy most people may not think of.

  7. What are y’all on about its the url that says 1001 because it was a typo, most of you have no grammar but i ain’t coming after you

  8. Yeah I know we all get it that the title says 1001 but its 101. Everyone stop complaining about it lol

  9. This article is very interesting. He must of had to practice for a long time because I saw that he dropped the toilet paper rolls on the ground. He could balance the toilet paper rolls for 33 seconds.

  10. My Review
    This new report is so funny but at the same time it was very cool and interesting to read. I hope I get to read more funny things like this. – KE

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