Mammoth (megatheropod) dinosaur found

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Scientists have discovered evidence that a huge dinosaur – an ancestor of the T-rex – roamed in Africa 200 million years ago.

Megatheropods are an earlier species that turned into the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Each of the three footprints measured 57cm long and 50cm  wide.

Megatheropods are a larger version of theropods, which were meat-eating two-legged dinosaurs.

It was described as a “significant find” by co-author Dr Lara Sciscio, from the University of Cape Town.

“Globally, these large tracks are very rare. There is only one other known site similar in age and sized tracks, which is in Poland.”

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  1. over the years me and my dad have been finding dino bones and fossils that either make us a lot of money or make there way into museums but i have never come across a megatheropod footprint only bones

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