For the love of the iPhone

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We all know someone who is just a bit too attached to their phone…but this German boy takes his love for his phone to a whole new level!

A 16 year old German schoolboy was on a fishing trip with his friends when he accidently dropped his iPhone into the pond.

After the club refused to let him dive to find his phone, the boy took drastic measures, sneaking back in the night with a pump to drain the pond!

The boy admitted that he knew the phone was probably no longer working but he wanted to retrieve the data card with all his contacts, photos and videos he had stored on it.

The boy’s plan backfired when he failed to realise that the club toilet he had attached the pump to wasn’t attached to a sewage system, resulting in a flooded car park.

The owner quickly showed up and called the police and the boy was ordered to pay for the damage and the water to refill the pond.

He didn’t find his phone but wasn’t sorry for trying and insists his plan almost worked.

Article written by  D Mulhern

30 Responses

  1. I can not believe that someone would be that attached to there phone and dive in and search for it? But he should have all his data, photos, videos so on would be backed up by iCloud. And how did he get the pump? That was just my saying. Others could be different.

    Taine Hakiwai

  2. lol that’s totally me! I sleep with my phone. Why? Coz Im Crazy!

  3. O.O Obviously he doesn’t have enough to buy a new phone *cough* desperate *cough* 😛

  4. The Only reason He Wanted To Dive In For the iPhone Is because He wanted to Get The SIM card With all His Data On it because he probably didn’t back it up to the cloud, And When He was told he couldn’t dive in for it, He Desperately Wanted it so He Drained the Water from the pond. But Personally, I agreee. That was a little Over the top…

  5. I have never heard or seen ANYONE who would do something like THAT for their iphone. He could just buy a new one with his pocket money. Also who would do THAT and not regret it. I would have just left it, not much of a big deal to me. SO OVER THE TOP.

  6. HAHHAHA that sounds like something i would do if i just got a brand new iphone 6s

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