Longest Loom Band Attempt

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Students at Maungawhau School are rapidly making meter long sections of loom band in an attempt to set a New Zealand Record for the longest band. In order to set a substantial record, the school principle has asked every student to try to create a section around 10m long. The sections will then be stitched together to make a lengthy band of around 6km long! The school is raising funds throughout the record attempt to go towards a World Vision scheme aimed at establishing child-friendly spaces and play programs in India and Africa.
The tiny coloured rubber loom bands are a new craze sweeping across the country, as children make all sorts of objects out of them including jewelry, art and figurines. Creating the New Zealand record of the longest band is a fun and exciting way for the Maungawhau school kids to get involved in a project, and hopefully make history!

48 Responses

  1. Amazing they must have spent a lot of time making those I know how hard it is to make those you get soar fingers

  2. To be Honest I kind of like loombands but i forgot how to make them with my fingers…. 🙁 😐 :3

  3. Wow, that would of taken heaps of loom bands. In the weekend I spilt ALL of my loom bands on the floor, and on that morning I had just finished sorting colour by colour

  4. impressive i cant even make one that is 1m long but 6km i cant even run that wonder how long it will take to make!

  5. wow 😮 i wish i could do that but i dont want all my bands go to wast…… ill wait untill i have loads! 😉

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