London Bus Explosion Nothing To Worry About

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Several Londoners received quite a shock after witnessing a bus explode on Lambeth Bridge…only to discover it was all for a movie.

Travellers and local residents were warned that the bridge would be closed during filming but some were still left rattled after seeing the bus explode into flames and debris spread across the road.

A few annoyed Londoners took to Twitter and told off the film crew for not making more people aware that the explosion was all fake. Others took to the internet to spread the word that it was all for a movie.

The scene will feature in the latest movie starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan titled The Foreigner.

15 Responses

  1. It must have been scary for the kids who were in the car with their mum or dad driving past. They might have screamed when they heard the explosion. It would be kind of scary for the people who didn’t know about the bus explosion and that it was for a movie. But it would be cool to see Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. I wonder how they made it explode? They might have used TNT. From Room 15.

  2. I can’t wait to watch the new Jackie Chan movie, I think that the crew did a good job about telling people that it was fake, some film crews would have just closed off the bridge and not told anyone about the explosion.

  3. Well that would be KINDA freaky for the citizens of London to just be driving past and see a bus EXPLODE in a fiery inferno before their very eyes…. Don’tcha think? If you look at the picture can you see bits of bus flying through the air!?!? It looks very real to me so the movie is going to be gud!

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