Locusts causing problems in Africa

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Parts of East Africa have been hit by huge swarms of locusts.

The countries of Ethiopia and Somalia are dealing with the worst locust swarms they’ve seen in 25 years.

The United Nations (UN) has called for international help to tackle the locust invasions which are destroying millions of crops, threatening a food crisis. The crops are important sources of food for many in the countries affected.

Why are locusts such a threat?

The main concern is due to the rate at which the insects eat crops.

Locusts can travel up to 150 kilometres in 24 hours and an adult insect eats its own body weight in food each day.

Scientist say that a locust swarm the size of Paris can eat as much food as half the population of France in just one day.

It fears the numbers of the insects could multiply 500 times by June.

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